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KnowledgeWebTM for
Amec Foster Wheeler
Process Technologies

Top performance is key to getting the most benefit from your process technology.  To protect an investment in the SYDEC process and to maximize profitability over time, a skilled workforce is required to efficiently operate and maintain the equipment and support the process—from day one. 

KnowledgeWeb for Amec Foster Wheeler Process Technologies combines RDC's instructional design expertise, knowledge management, and training technology with Amec Foster Wheeler's process technology expertise and best practice support.  This unmatched insight makes KnowledgeWeb the best solution to enable workers to reach the highest proficiency, while driving reliable and safe process operations.

KnowledgeWeb can help you achieve:

  • Improved safety by reducing the likelihood of
    operator errors
  • Improved performance by eliminating training inconsistencies
  • Operator Competency by identifying gaps and prescribing pathways to 100% proficiency

Learn from the Experts
Amec Foster Wheeler's process experts have worked with RDC to incorporate their knowledge into a learning environment specific to each process unit. Site-specific parameters, graphics, procedures, and links further customize content.

Transfer Knowledge
KnowledgeWeb's relevant, specific, and interactive content maximizes knowledge transfer effectiveness. The Differential Learning methodology tailors individual learning paths leading to 100% proficiency for workers. This strategic content development and delivery optimizes learning by improving performance and reducing time to competency.

Institutionalize Best Practice
KnowledgeWeb creates an environment that manages the capture, transfer, and validation of all process knowledge in a sustainable system that is always accessible online. Effectively managing knowledge supports workers on-the-job and prevents knowledge loss when workers leave.

KnowledgeWeb for Foster Wheeler's SYDEC
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KnowledgeWeb for the Amec Foster
Wheeler SYDECSM Process

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